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Identity Theft

What Is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is comes in many forms and “flavors”. A thief will capture information about you such as your date of birth, where you were born, your checking account number, your place of employment, and many other personal facts about you and in rare cases, even your Social Security number. With this information, the thief will then use it to impersonate your identity in order to open up a new credit card account, take out a loan, employment fraud, cell phone fraud, and a host of many other activities that could not only affect your credit rating, but even more seriously, hold you liable for purchases you didn’t even make. Unlike in the past when a thief would break into your home and steal your possessions, today these same types of thieves are sophisticated, clever, and have a plethora of tools at their disposal. Identity theft is a crime that has victimized over 8 million Americans in 2011 alone!

A History Of Identity Theft

Many will remember the novel written by Mark Twain “The Prince and the Pauper” which was adapted to the screen countless times over the prince and pauperyears. This is the story where a prince meets a pauper who could pass for his twin. Intrigued, the boys decide to play a prank and switch places to see if anyone will be able to catch them. So the boys proceed in their new identities with whimsical and at times, dreadful results.

Unfortunately, identify theft isn’t this innocent or benign. Identity theft has caused millions of dollars of loss to individuals and businesses, alike. Years ago, identity theft was accomplished through one of many methods called “dumpster diving”. The thief would “dive” into a dumpster in hope of finding credit card receipts, utility receipts, and any personally identifiable information. They would then use this information to scam businesses out of thousands of dollars. Today, this process has become much more advanced as we live in a more digital world. The explosion of the internet though convenient, has opened up a whole new area of vulnerabilities and opportunities for thieves to steal information. The dumpster now is email addresses, online credit card purchases, and a whole host of other digital activities.

How Do You Combat Identity Theft?

There are many techniques, tips, and actions you can take to prevent identity theft. Some of the things that you can do is changing your online account identity-theftpasswords frequently, only make online purchases with websites that offer secure payment procedures, destroy paper receipts using a paper shredder, and so on. But as prudent as these tips may be, protecting areas of your identity that you have little control over can still be a daunting task. These records hold valuable information and can be found online relatively easy by thieves. What they look for are records such as your driver license, criminal background checks, medical records, utility bill payments, mortgage payments, and so forth.

That’s where commercial identity theft protection can play a major role. 24 hour monitoring of your bank accounts, credit score, and personal records adds a level of security that would be difficult for most people to maintain on their own. And commercial identity theft protection isn’t expensive but the peace of mind it brings is priceless.

Why LifeLock?

LifeLock has layers of protection which monitor any activity on your behalf. The LifeLock service provides monitoring of your identity, constantly scans for identity threats, responds immediately to any suspicious activity that could be a possible identity theft event, provides a one million dollar guarantee, and monitors your credit score continuously to catch any unusual activity.  LifeLock provides two levels of comfort that will meet your level of security you desire. In addition, Lifelock has Partnerships with FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association (FBI-LEEDA) and the National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA).

So What Do I Do Now?

As mentioned earlier, identity theft has mushroomed over the past 10 years especially with the dynamic growth of the internet. Any business that wants to staIdentity-theft-xplodedy in business today has to not only have a web site, but a vehicle for accepting credit card payments both online and through conventional means. This new convenience has opened up a plethora of opportunities for thieves who are smart, cunning, sophisticated, and well educated in identity theft. Trying to combat this on your own can be an insurmountable challenge. LifeLock’s relentless protection solutions are not only cost effective for any budget, but are powerful tools to prevent stealth attacks from thieves. With their 5 point protection plan, constant monitoring, multiple avenues of communication to its members, service guarantee, and so much more, why wouldn’t you want to protect your name and your family for less than $1 a day?

Take advantage of this offer and protect you and your family from thieves. You will have that peace of mind that comes with knowing no matter what, you’re protected, you’re covered with LIFELOCK. Just click on the offer below to take advantage of this great offer:

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